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“I was extremely impressed and moved by the safety, honesty and healing that occurred.” 

– Community Member

“Restorative Justice is the most cost effective way to resolve these crimes.”

– Mike Butler, Longmont Chief of Police

“I never knew how what I did could hurt somebody else. And I never knew so many people cared about me.” 

– Offender

“Presenting my view and the impact on the company was empowering. I am happy to see the community has a program like this.” 

– Victim

Restorative Justice In Schools

Restorative Justice In SchoolsSchools are seeking ways to create a safe environment for their students, but incidences of bullying and violence still pervade. Student suspension rates are on the rise and many argue that forbidding students from coming to school exacerbates, rather than remediates, the problem. Suspension may also lack effectiveness since it denies conversation about underlying issues and unmet needs. Nor does suspension offer alternative strategies for handling anger effectively or navigating conflict tactfully; nonviolently. Basically, it skips over the teaching point.

Enter Restorative Justice in Schools, which has been shown not only to decrease suspension rates anywhere from 40% to 80%, but has also resulted in a nearly 50% drop in absenteeism and a 60% decrease in tardiness. Restorative Justice has the potential to offer negative leaders reason enough and structure enough to step into positive leadership roles inside and outside of the classroom. 

Restorative Justice in Schools Documents and Resources


Denver Public Schools Restorative Justice Program Final Report 2008-2009 Denver Public Schools Restorative Justice Program Final Report 2008-2009 (260 KB)

Restorative Justice Pilot Program at Skinner Middle School - Summary Restorative Justice Pilot Program at Skinner Middle School - Summary (83 KB)


Dominic Barter on Understanding Justice as a System

Visit This Resource:

Dominic Barter describes his concept of "system blindness" at a recent "Introduction to Restorative Circles" event in Oakland, U.S.

Dr. Howard Zehr Blog

Visit This Resource:

Howard Zehr's always intriguing RJ blog so often referenced on our very own RestoraJustice Twitter feed.

Dr. Tom Cavanaugh Blog On Restorative Justice

Visit This Resource:

Blog by Colorado's own Dr. Tom Cavanaugh on restorative justice in schools providing book reviews, information on professional development opportunities, case studies and links to publications on restorative justice.

National Institute of Justice

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The Restorative Justice page on the Department of Justice, National Institute of Justice website.

Restorative Justice Online

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Restorative Justice Online is a source for restorative justice news and information.

Restore Justice

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 Restore Justice is an outreach website of the California Catholic Conference offering support, resources, services and education.

RJ Clearinghouse

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RJ Clearinghouse is a large, searchable database with information on legislation, programs, articles, and conferences throughout the country. It is hosted by the College of Law at the Georgia State University.

The International Institute of Restorative Practices

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The International Institute of Restorative Practices is one of the primary sources for education and training on restorative justice.

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