Jessica Dancingheart

Jessica Dancingheart


I abide by the standards and practice: Yes

I service the following counties: Boulder

Areas of Focus

Community Organization,Criminal Justice System,Faith Based,Judicial System,Juvenile Justice,Non-Profit,Other,Police,Schools,Social Services,Victims Services

Restorative Processes

Community Healing Services,Family Group Decision Making,Peacemaking Circles,School Based RJ,Other

Restorative Roles

Community Member,Consultant,Facilitator,Facilitator Mentor,Supporter,Trainer

I am a strong believer that we can use the full spectrum of restorative practices to create a more unified and harmonious world. Restorative practices have a track record for strengthening communities, deepening a sense of belonging and creating peace. When I train people in restorative practices or facilitate a restorative process, I integrate my skill sets in other modalities (Nonviolent Communication, motivational interviewing, reflective listening, Byron Katie's Work, body awareness techniques, spirituality, assets inventories, expression of gratitude) to get to the heart of the matter. The building blocks of the 5 Rs (relationship, respect, responsibility, repair and relationship) and the assets-based approach to conflict healing are there for us to create endless possibilities. I get excited when I see organizations, families and neighborhoods see the value of restorative practices. I am grateful to be able to share the restorative tools in my community and with my clients.

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