CO Department of Corrections releases video about Victim Offender Dialog

After months on the back burner, hours of reviewing footage, and numerous revisions, it's finally finished! The Department of Corrections’ (DOC) Victim Services Coordinator, Monica Chambers has produced an excellent short video with survivor/victim’s voices and their offenders. It helps the viewer understand the experiences of these particular participants of the restorative justice process known as High Risk Victim Offender Dialogs in the correctional setting.

Survivors of high impact crime in Colorado have the opportunity to contact CO Victim Services at DOC to request the Victim Offender Dialog (VOD) service. Not all offenders qualify for the opportunity to meet with the people they harmed in order to take responsibility and do what they can to repair the harm. Monica carefully screens the offenders on the cases where the victim/survivor requests a VOD. If she approves a volunteer facilitator team spends significant time preparing all parties to meet. When everyone is ready, the trained volunteer facilitators and the survivor/victim along with their support person will meet face to face with the person responsible for the harm.

Watch the video and see what happened for these restorative justice VOD participants.

For more information or to request a restorative process in DOC, as a victim or survivor please contact:

Monica Chambers

Victim Services Coordinator

colorado department of corrections

P 719.226.4703

2862 S. Circle Drive, Colorado Springs, CO |

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