History and Heart of the 5R’s

A special guest post by Summer Deaton

The 5R Framework is the culmination of Dr. Beverly Title’s life work.  Beverly was a pioneer in the field of restorative practices, and co-founder of ReSolutionaries Inc. As an original appointee to the RJ Council in 2007, Beverly shared the 5Rs as a compass for the newly forming RJ Council and gifted it for public access onwww.rjcolorado.org where it resides today under Restorative Justice Resources. The RJ Council holds the 5Rs forth as one of the guiding documents for restorative justice practices in CO.  Although we lost Beverly in 2014, her legacy has clearly survived; evidenced by the consistent presence of the 5R’s at the recent statewide Restorative Justice conference in Vail.  In celebration of Beverly’s birthday month, ReSolutionaries would like to offer you a short history of the 5R Framework and a free gift to help you take the 5R’s into the classroom.   ..

More funding for restorative practices!

The National Association for Community and Restorative Justice (NACRJ) is offering mini-grants to members! If you aren’t a member of this amazing organization we strongly encourage you to check it out www.nacrj.org. The national conference will be in Oakland in June of next year.  Membership not only gives you access to applying for this funding opportunity, it will give you better rates for the conference and keep you in the national loop. ..

Rare funding opportunity in CO for Restorative Practices in Schools

This just in - The Colorado Department of Education has just released a funding opportunity through the Expelled and At-Risk Student Services Grant (EARSS) program. For those looking to advance, plan and implement restorative practices in schools this is a rare occurrence. If you have been thinking about starting restorative in your school or district please read the details that follow. ..

RJ Council Releases Restorative Practices in Schools Guidelines for CO

The Colorado Coordinating Council on Restorative Justice (CO RJ Council) adopted the first Colorado Restorative Practices in Schools Guidelines document August 26th, 2016. The purpose of this statewide collaborative effort is to provide school districts and school personnel with key restorative principles and practices along with recommendations for best practices in implementation and training for Restorative Practices in Schools. This “living document” was co-created by a group of over 50 Colorado restorative justice practitioners, trainers and school consultants for Restorative Practices in Schools.  ..

Colorado Restorative Justice in the News, Thanks to Pew Charitable Trusts

Since the early 1990’s restorative justice practices have been growing and developing in Colorado. You can find restorative woven into schools, communities and many arenas of the justice system throughout the state. Efforts to keep juveniles out of the criminal justice system have been successful with the pilots initiated by HB13-1254. Since SB15-213 schools have recognized the preventative value of engaging students with restorative practices.  ..

Call for Film Festival Entries

Call for Film Festival Entries

The Colorado Restorative Justice Council is proud to present “Looking Through a Restorative Lens- Engaging Perspectives from Communities Around CO”, the premiere Restorative Justice Film Festival for the 2016 Colorado Restorative Justice Practices Conference in Vail, CO September 25-28, 2016. ..

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