Restorative Community effort – Belonging Revolution- Noticed by Canadian Press

If you have been following the Belonging Revolution blogs on, you know there is something restorative and exciting happening in Longmont. Colorado. Dan Benavidez and Mike Butler are leading the way to beautiful change.

Dan Benavidez is a long time Longmont resident who has served his community in many capacities. From Mayor Pro-temp to board member of Teaching Peace, Eco-Cycle and many other organizations he has represented the Latino community with heart and commitment. These days Dan is literally walking his talk about building strong, cohesive communities by walking Longmont neighborhoods with Director of Public Safety, Mike Butler as they venture to begin “The Belonging Revolution”. Mike has served Longmont for two decades as Chief of Police and now Director of Public Safety leading both the police and fire departments. He makes a habit of engaging innovative strategies for connecting “public” and “safety”. His latest innovation is to be an ambassador for Belonging in Longmont. The city’s slogan is, “You belong in Longmont”, and these two are bringing that notion to life.

The Canadian publication AXIOM recently picked up on this revolution and published a great article on this innovative strategy for public safety. See more at

If you have restorative efforts happening in your community let me know! 

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