Restorative Practices in Schools

Restorative Practices in Schools was named by the Federal Department of Education as a successful strategy to reduce misbehavior and maintain a safe learning environment yesterday. In Colorado, we have been championing the efforts to engage schools with restorative practices for more than a decade. The work of Dr. Beverly Title and Dr. Tom Cavanagh among others has supported schools in utilizing restorative practices to keep students in school and in the classroom. Where school personnel and students are trained and supported in restorative practices and equity, the opportunities for ending the school-to-prison pipeline abound. See a video of schools using restorative practices here.

The federal report states that “over 50% of students involved in school-related arrests or referred to law enforcement are black or Latino”. Click here to see the report. How does your school address this disparity?

In 2014, the Colorado Coordinating Council on Restorative Justice will host a training on Restorative Justice and Equity; Our Cultural Responsibilities to each other. Stay tuned to for details on this and other training opportunities in 2014.

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