CBS Local News - Featured HRVOD Story

High-Risk Victim Offender Dialogue practitioners Lynn Lee and Melissa Westover facilitated a face-to-face dialogue between Rene Lima-Marin, who committed an armed robbery at a Blockbuster in Aurora twenty years ago, and Jason Kasperek a Blockbuster employee who was held up at gunpoint during the armed robbery. Please see the full CBS local story by going to the following link  ..

The Only Constant Is Change

Change can be both exciting and come with a sense of sadness. Deb Witzel, the RJ Coordinator for the Colorado Judicial Department, has moved on to a wonderful new adventure using RJ in a different capacity. We are sad to see her go and excited for the next chapter for both her and RJ in Colorado. We are now searching for a new coordinator to work with RJ statewide. This link will bring you to the job posting and more details. In the meantime, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Brenidy Rice and I am the manager of the Criminal Justice Programs Unit with the Colorado Judicial Department. I have worked in the criminal and dependency and neglect system for over 12 years, in alternative programs, and worked at the state level for the past six. I supervise a team that includes the RJ coordinator position. I will be doing my best to move things forward with the RJ Council while we work to hire a new coordinator. Please feel free to reach out with questions and share this opportunity widely! ..

Building Implementation Capacity for Restorative Justice in CO

My name is Joanne Esch; I first began working in restorative justice in 2009 at the Longmont Community Justice Partnership and have remained passionate about RJ ever since. I am currently a PhD candidate in the Communication Department at CU Boulder and my research focuses on restorative justice and implementation science. My dissertation aims to identify drivers and barriers to successful RJ implementation in criminal justice contexts. With support from the RJ Council and the assistance of implementers around the state, I am investigating questions such as: ..

Support for Crime Victims

Colorado supports victim-centered restorative justice practices. This means restorative justice practitioners hold the care and concern for victims of crime as primary when preparing for and conducting a restorative justice process. ..

Does RJ work? District Attorney Stan Garnett thinks so

HB13-1254 initiated restorative justice in four juvenile diversion pilot programs through District Attorney’s office in CO. Almost three years after these programs started using restorative justice success and satisfaction of participants and District Attorney Stan Garnett are evident. In an article from the Boulder Daily Camera, Mitchell Byars reports that recidivism is down and satisfaction for victims who participate in restorative justice processes is 100%.  ..

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