Colorado Restorative Justice in the News, Thanks to Pew Charitable Trusts

Since the early 1990’s restorative justice practices have been growing and developing in Colorado. You can find restorative woven into schools, communities and many arenas of the justice system throughout the state. Efforts to keep juveniles out of the criminal justice system have been successful with the pilots initiated by HB13-1254. Since SB15-213 schools have recognized the preventative value of engaging students with restorative practices.  ..

LUCKY - A Juvenile Restorative Justice Case Study

Emily (not her real name) probably considered herself the most unlucky person on earth. Her interaction with law enforcement began as a result of being a witness to a crime, but before all was said and done she was charged as an offender. The police were called to her apartment complex on a disturbance call. Emily and her friend witnessed a fight between two boys who lived in the complex. When the officer came to her home to interview her, it became very apparent that she was using marijuana and she was underage. Instead of charging Emily, the officer offered her the opportunity to enter into Restorative Justice, to begin to repair the harm she was doing primarily to herself. It was at that point that Emily’s luck turned.  ..

LAUNCHED! The new and improved is up!

LAUNCHED! The new and improved is up!

The RJ Council is very pleased to invite you to visit the newly improved Last year the some of you responded to a survey to tell us what you needed and wanted out of THANK YOU!


This website is the place to find the link to register for the 2016 RJ Conference in Vail at the end of September, find information and resources about restorative justice practices in CO, reach programs and practitioners and learn about jobs, events and post your events and jobs. Be sure to update your information and image on your listing, and post your events as soon as possible. You will find the site is more searchable, up-to-date and informative than before.

At the RJ Directory on you can:

  • Search practitioners and programs registered as members from all over Colorado.
  • Check out who agrees to abide by the Colorado Facilitator Code of Conduct and Standards of Training and Practice
  • Find a trainer, consultant, facilitator or school-focused practitioner
  • Learn more about members and where they are located
  • Get contact information for people you want to work with

As a Current Member you get:

  • A listing with your information so you or your organization can be found
  • The weekly blog post sent to your listed email address
  • The quarterly newsletter with news from around the state and country
  • First access to RJ Council Sponsored Events and limited time offers for discounts and special events
  • Access to posting your events so people around the state can register and attend
  • Opportunities to post guest blogs and information about what you and/or your organization are up to

Coming soon:

  • Online Training Modules
  • Online Communities of Practice Forums for Members
  • New Videos about Restorative Justice Practices from CO
  • More resources than ever before

Please let us know what you think!


CO Department of Corrections releases video about Victim Offender Dialog

After months on the back burner, hours of reviewing footage, and numerous revisions, it's finally finished! The Department of Corrections’ (DOC) Victim Services Coordinator, Monica Chambers has produced an excellent short video with survivor/victim’s voices and their offenders. It helps the viewer understand the experiences of these particular participants of the restorative justice process known as High Risk Victim Offender Dialogs in the correctional setting.  ..

Cost Benefit Analysis of the CO RJ Pilots

In 2015, Goldman School of Public Policy at the University of California, Berkeley student, Caitlin O’Neil drafted a preliminary Cost Benefit Analysis report studying the implementation and new work of the RJ Pilots. Cost Benefit Analysis is a complex and variable study of a similarly complex and variable practice. Restorative justice practices, by design, are flexible in order to meet the varying needs and capacities of the implementing agency and community. Implementation and early development is often most costly than established programs and practices which is reflected in the report.  ..

An MSW Student’s Call for Continued Learning and Action

My name is Katie and I am a current second-year GSSW student. I have a long-standing interest and passion in social justice, youth-focused programs, and conflict resolution on micro and macro levels. My interest in conflict resolution began with my participation in an international inter-faith “peace program” that I returned to as a leader-in-training and facilitator for several summers after. The largest take-away I left with was: conflict and injustice could not be resolved by punishment, retaliation or revenge – resolution required communication, accounting of every side of a story, and space and focus on healing.  ..

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