Michael Rodriguez

Michael Rodriguez

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Email: Michael.Rodriguez@state.co.us

I am currently the Chief Probation Officer for the City of Greeley, prior to that I was a consultant with the Law Firm Bettenberg, Sharshel and Maguire LLC where I provided support to attorneys at the direction and under the supervision of the assigned attorney or Managing Case Coordinator by 1) contacting school personnel, treating professionals, foster parents and other providers to obtain feedback on parties' compliance with court orders and treatment, verifying school attendance, medical appointments, compliance with visitation orders, reporting results to assigned attorney and entering in data system; 2) requesting and reviewing medical and mental health records; 3) updating community resources data base as needed; 4) conducting independent inquiries; 5) screening calls to attorneys regarding treatment issues and crisis management; 6) acting as a liaison between assigned attorneys and parties to the case; 7) attending IEP and treatment staffings; and 8) reviewing discovery and preparing social histories of the respondents.

Previous to this position, I served as a Juvenile JDAI/Liaison Reintegration Specialist, Chief Parole Agent in Bloomington Indiana, Parole District 5 as well as Assistant District Supervisor in Indianapolis, Parole District 3 in Indianapolis Indiana. I also served as a Parole Agent as well as a Family Case Manager II for Lake County, Indiana. I was Senior Probation Officer for 18th Judicial District Probation Department in Centennial, Colorado and 19th Judicial District Probation Officer in the Juvenile Department in Greeley, Colorado. I have also served as an Adult Probation Officer for the Rock Island County Court Services in Rock Island, Illinois. My masters degree was completed in October 2008 in Marriage, Family and Child Therapy. I am currently in progress of getting licensure for Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. I am in the candidate status for both the LPC and LMFT.

In these positions I conducted investigations of the offenders on probation and parole to ensure that the offenders were compliant with the specific penal system and with the court orders. I maintained accurate and current documentation of the offenders that I was currently supervising and prepared reports for the courts and the Indiana Parole Board. I met with my clients monthly as well as with their victims, families, treatment providers and law enforcement as needed. I appeared in court as required providing the necessary reports, sworn testimony and information for the court. I have also worked with both offenders and the community as it relates to housing and homelessness to include working with non-profits to help who housing of Sex Offenders.


As a leader I have worked with public relations if and when needed on high profile cases. I also was in contact with the Indiana Parole Board as it related to community safety and offender accountability as well as maintain and staff my parole district. I have supervised numerous types of populations including Sex Offenders and I have also taught at a local level at the Indiana Parole Academy. I enjoy working with my staff, the public and offenders. I have a willingness to learn and passion in what I do. I also was involved with Parole Diaries which was a TV series that followed parole agents in the Indianapolis Metro area where I was a District Supervisor of 27 staff and 2700 offenders.

I have taken numerous management and leadership classes in addressing leadership and office management. I have numerous years of experience working directly with individuals who have disabilities providing services appropriate to the work assignment, by either working with these individuals in a classroom setting teaching them or working with sex offenders that have numerous disabilities both mentally and physically.

I enjoy camping, fishing, outdoor activities, sports memorabilia, time with family and I enjoy seeing and coaching students and others to reach full potential for success.

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