Monica Chambers

Monica Chambers

Council Member


Monica manages the Victim Notification Program and the Victim Offender Dialogue Program for the Colorado Department of Corrections (CDOC).  Monica began her career with the CDOC in 1997 and has served in a wide-range of roles including Correctional Officer and Assistant to the Executive Director.   

The DOC Victim Services Unit (VSU) is comprised of 4 grant-funded staff and 1 liaison for the Parole Board providing customer service to more than 7,000 enrolled victims.  In addition to making 43,000 statutory notifications and contacts each year, VSU staff attend Parole Board Hearings and Community Corrections Board reviews with crime victims and survivors to provide guidance and support.  

Following the passage of Restorative Justice Legislation in 2011, Monica developed, established, and manages the first Victim Offender Dialogue Program for the Colorado Department of Corrections.   Following a Pilot VOD Program, Departmental policy was put in place December 2014 to continue offering this valuable service to crime victims. 

The DOC Victim Services Unit co-sponsors quarterly VOICE (Victims Organized in Correctional Exchange) meetings along with Voices of Victims and COVA (Colorado Organization for Victim Assistance).  Monica works with the Crime Victim Advisory Council of Denver and oversees Victim Awareness/Impact Panel presentations made to offenders in prisons and community corrections.

Monica was appointed to the Colorado State Restorative Justice Council in 2013 after passage of HB13-1254.  In April 2015, she was appointed as the Statewide Victim Representative for the Re-Entry Taskforce of the Colorado Commission on Criminal and Juvenile Justice.  In July 2015, Monica was elected as the Chair for the National Association of Victim Assistance in Corrections (NAVAC). 

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