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  •   Date: 21-Feb-2019 - 21-Feb-2019
  •   Time: 9:00AM - 4:00PM
  •   Price: $$199

What are restorative practices?

We define Restorative Practices as a process by which an individual acknowledges wrongdoing, takes steps to repair harm and is welcomed back into the community. This, in effect, fosters a culture that elevates dialogue and values relationships.

201 – Implementing Restorative Circles in Your School

This training will move across the Restorative Practices Continuum toward the use of impromptu dialogue and proactive circles. By implementing restorative practices in the everyday culture of a school, conversation and problem solving become the norm and preventative in nature. This course is geared toward education professionals who will be establishing relationships within a school and managing a group of students or peers. After this workshop, attendees will feel more comfortable incorporating restorative language no matter the context.

You will leave this training confident in the following areas:

  • Facilitating proactive circles
  • Creating group agreements and setting norms within circles
  • Building skills and competencies for restorative language
  • Creating affective statements and questions
  • Reframing inflammatory statements
  • Implementing strategies to general awareness and empathy of students


  • Meet and Greet Trainers and Participants (9:00)
  • Welcome and Introductions
  • Overview & Goals of the Day
  • Circles and Mindfulness
  • Facilitation Essentials; Affective Statements and Reframing
  • Review Continuum/Review Affective Statements
  • Reframe Tag-Team
  • Overview of Impromptu Conferences/Case Studies
  • Overview of Proactive Circles
  • Lunch
  • Kinder Circle Video/ Check-in
  • Run your own circle
  • Check-in–Questions
  • Appreciation Circle
  • Closing Circle
  • Evaluation
  • Adjourn (4:00 pm)