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  •   Date: 11-Jun-2021 - 11-Jun-2021
  •   Time: 9:00AM - 4:00PM
  •   Price: $0.00

The Colorado Coalition for Restorative Justice Practices (CCRJP) and the Colorado Coordinating Council on Restorative Justice (RJ Council) are co-sponsoring: 2nd Statewide Convening for ColoradoRestorative Justice Practitioners

This is a free event!

Completely Virtual - Collaborative - Open Space Gathering of Colorado RJ Practitioners and Stakeholders

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Restorative justice practices in Colorado happen in many ways and are needed in many more.

  • What do you bring?
  • How are you practicing?
  • What is fidelity to practice?
  • How can RJP be more sensitive to different communities' needs?
  • What change could happen using RJP?
  • What actions have unfolded since our last convening?
  • How are restorative practices being done in various contexts from families and communities tosystems of all kinds?
  • Your voice ~ your experience ~ your ideas ~ your connection to RJP

At this gathering of Colorado restorative justice practitioners and stakeholders we will weave the many perspectives and experiences of practice and take a quantum leap toward a Restorative Colorado.