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  •   Date: 14-Mar-2018 - 14-Mar-2018
  •   Time: 6:00PM - 8:00PM
  •   Price: $$45.00

Community Member Training At LCJP, we use the Community Group Conference (CGC) model of Restorative Justice. This model brings together a group of people involved in conflict including crime victims, offenders, support people, community members, police officers, and facilitators. This CGC talks about what happened, the harms that have resulted, and how to repair those harms. The Community Member Role is the first role in the CGC that we train volunteers to fill. If you are interested in learning Restorative Practices, but don't want to volunteer, you're also welcome at this training. You will learn: How to be a Community Member in a Community Group Conference How to talk about the impacts of crime and conflict on the community How to ask questions for understanding the impacts of crime and conflict How to brainstorm ideas for repairing the harmful impacts of crime and conflict The prerequisite for the Community Member Training is the Restorative Practices Orientation.