Emily Fitzpatrick

Emily Fitzpatrick

Site Coordinator

I abide by the standards and practice: No

I service the following counties: Statewide

Areas of Focus

Community Organization,Non-Profit

Restorative Processes

Community Accountability Boards,Community Healing Services,Community/Family Group Conferences,Peacemaking Circles,Restorative Restitution,Restorative/Meaningful Community Services,Restorative Mediation,Victim Impact Panels,Victim Offender Facilitated Dialogue,Victim Services

Restorative Roles

Community Member

To substantially reduce the risk of future sexual victimization of community members by assisting & supporting released men & women who have committed sexual offenses in their task of integrating with the community and leading responsible, productive, and accountable lives. Eventually, most people convicted of a sexual offense will come back to the community. Most won€۪t offend again however, some are at a high risk to commit a new offense because they do not have sources of support in the community. That€۪s the core member for whom Circles of Support & Accountability were designed. An "Inner Circle" of volunteers (4 or 5 community members) will meet with the core member frequently as a group. The Inner Circle works with the core member on the day-to-day thing such as coming back to the community, living within the law, living a good and healthy life, and working on reestablishing work and personal connections.

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