JD Longwell

JD Longwell

Lead Facilitator & Staff

I abide by the standards and practice: Yes

I abide by the training guidelines: Yes

I service the following counties: Chaffee, Custer, Fremont, Park

Areas of Focus

Criminal Justice System,Judicial System,Juvenile Justice,Non-Profit

Restorative Processes

Community Accountability Boards,Community Healing Services,Community/Family Group Conferences,Family Group Decision Making,Peacemaking Circles,Restorative Circles,Restorative Decision Making Classes,Restorative Mediation,Victim Offender Facilitated Dialogue

Restorative Roles

Consultant,Facilitator,Facilitator Mentor,Trainer

John-David Longwell (JD) has been a lead facilitator with FCRJ since 2012 and served on the Board of Directors from 2014-2017. After spending over twenty-five years in international banking and trade finance, he left the corporate sector and began pursuing his passion for working with others around conflict resolution, non-violent communication and group facilitation. In 2015, he completed his basic mediation training and complemented that with additional course work on conflict coaching, divorce mediation, Voice Dialog and Integral Coaching™. During that same time period, he completed RJ Facilitator Training Levels I & II. JD is listed as a Professional Mediator with the Mediation Association of Colorado and is a contractor with Colorado’s Office of Dispute Resolution for mediation services in the 7th Judicial District (Gunnison, Montrose and Delta Counties). JD offers mediation and coaching services through his company, Point of Connection, LLC in Salida.

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