Ronald Wiley

Ronald Wiley


I abide by the standards and practice: Yes

I abide by the training guidelines: Yes

I service the following counties: Pueblo

Areas of Focus

Faith Based,Judicial System,Juvenile Justice,Non-Profit,Schools,Other

Restorative Processes

Community Accountability Boards,Community/Family Group Conferences,Peacemaking Circles,Restorative Decision Making Classes,School Based RJ,Victim Offender Facilitated Dialogue

Restorative Roles

Community Member,Consultant,Facilitator,Facilitator Mentor,Supporter,Trainer

My Restorative Justice Philosophy is still evolving, within a framework of Peacemaking and Reconciliation, having earned a PhD in Conflict Analysis & Resolution through Nova Southeastern University. As I have practiced as a RJ facilitator, I have discovered that the values and principles that motivated me to begin my PhD studies five years ago are articulated by RJ philosopher/practitioners, particularly in the writings and speaking of Dr. Howard Zehr. I believe that the restoration of relationship, through respect and responsibility, is the path to repair of harm for the victims/receivers and to reintegration into the community for the offenders/authors of harm that is done. I am convinced that through a facilitated dialogue process, all of the above can be achieved, and it is my privilege to participate in such a process as a facilitator. While it can never be forced, I also believe that forgiveness is an important component that can be encourage appropriately, in order to achieve full reconciliation and peace.

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