Abstract Concepts

This program abides by the standards and practice: Yes

County Served: Arapahoe

Services Offered

Youth Community Accountability Boards,Youth Community Healing Services,Youth Community/Family Group Conferences,Youth Connection Circles,Youth Family Group Decision Making,Adult Family Group Decision Making,Youth Peace Making Circles,Adult Peace Making Circles,Youth Restitution or Restorative Restitution,Youth Restorative Community Services,Youth Restorative Decision Making Classes,Adult Restorative Decision Making Classes,Youth Victim Impact Panels,Youth Victim Offender Conference,Youth Victim Offender Mediation,Youth Victim Offender Dialogue,Youth Restorative Discipline

Training Provided

In House Family Group Decision Making,Outside Family Group Decision Making,In House Restorative Justice Awareness,Outside Restorative Justice Awareness,In House School Awareness Discipline or Facilitation Training,Outside School Awareness Discipline or Facilitation Training,In House Volunteer and Community Member Training,Outside Volunteer and Community Member Training