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The RJ Council is fortunate to have good relationships with legislative champions in both the House and Senate in Colorado. Working in partnership, the RJ Council helps convene focus groups, develop RJ appropriate language for bill drafts, educate the RJ community about bills and legislators about RJ.

RJ legislation has been supported unanimously on many occasions and has something valuable for most legislators to get behind. There are many stakeholders in restorative justice and there is something good for those who participate and those who support it.

Representative Pete Lee says it best, “Restorative Justice is the change we need. Where it is used, when victims and offenders meet face to face, offenders learn about the impact of their crime from the victims, they begin to feel empathy, often for the first time, and empathy is the beginning of transformation. If we can transform offenders, one by one, it will lower recidivism, reduce re-arrests, promote individual responsibility, and save money.

Restorative justice can empower victims to begin healing from crime. We owe them that. For too long, victims have been peripheral to the process. They need to be at the center. With Restorative Justice, victims drive the process.

So tell your friends and neighbors, who are victims of crime, to request restorative justice. Tell the victims to tell the DA’s they want to meet with their offenders, to participate in setting the consequences. It is now their right to do so.

Tell your friends, relatives or neighbors who become involved in the criminal justice system to ask for restorative justice, request a meeting with the victim to help establish consequences.

Tell the prosecutors, the defense lawyers, the judges and magistrates, that you want them to use Restorative Justice because Restorative Justice works.

Tell the teachers, the principals, the administrators and school board members to end the cycle of suspension, expulsion and dropping out.

Instead, tell them to use Restorative Justice in the Schools. Use it because it works. Use it because Restorative Justice keeps kids in schools, facilitates learning, and gets parents involved.

Our future depends on it.”

Colorado RJ Law Summary Colorado RJ Law Summary (126 KB)

Restorative Justice Legislation Trends Restorative Justice Legislation Trends (430 KB)


HOUSE BILL 17-1039 HOUSE BILL 17-1039 (79 KB)





2014 Annual RJ Diversion Pilot Report 2014 Annual RJ Diversion Pilot Report (373 KB)


On Monday April 29th at 1:30pm the RJ Bill will go before the Senate Judiciary Committee. If you would like to testify in support of this legislation please contact Senator Linda Newell at or 303-866-4846. Now is the time to contact your Senators and encourage them to support this important legislation.


The Restorative Justice Bill HB 13- 1254 has passed the Colorado House of Representatives. It begins to make its way through the senate starting tomorrow. (4/19/13) Please contact your senators and ask for their support of this valuable legislation.

Restorative Justice Bill Summary Restorative Justice Bill Summary (54 KB)


The RJ bill goes to the floor of the House for final debate before receiving a final vote in the CO House of Representatives. Please encourage your representatives to support this bill today.

The next step is to move it successfully through the Co Senate. Now is a good time to contact your Senators too.

Restorative Justice In Schools Works