Restorative Justice Mediation

Restorative Mediation brings together the stakeholders of criminal or civil offense for the express purpose of finding an alternative to costly, protracted litigation through facilitated restorative dialogue. The aim of the process is to help both victims and responsible parties achieve a measure of peace in regard to the events in question. Restorative Mediation is a professionally facilitated opportunity for injured and responsible parties to meet face to face in a climate carefully designed to enable discussions, decompression, explanation, apology, and even at times, forgiveness.

The Restorative Mediation Project is a collaborative effort to increase awareness and use of restorative justice concepts of engagement, accountability and restoration in the resolution of personal injury and medical error claims. The Project provides resources and connections for individuals and organizations interested in using restorative mediation practices. It also serves as a clearinghouse for information and examples of how restorative mediation has been successful in helping individuals after a traumatic injury.

Created by Julie Speer Productions, "Sandy's Story" takes an emotional look at one family's story of healing and the forgiveness they gave the young man who's accidentally took the life of their son and brother.

Restorative Mediation Works